Self-education is a form of education in which the person teaches oneself. The person be self-educated in a variety of different ways, keeping in mind that they have no real accredited education in the subject.


Self-education has been around for a very long time because primarily it refers to the act of learning without formal guidance. If you actively seek out information and knowledge about a certain subject and are trying to retain or work with it, you would be considered self-educated in he subject. This type of learning style is also widely referred to as autodidactism. The way in which the person gains the knowledge about the subject may varying but likely include books, other people, the internet and nature. Many people who are self-educated may end up taking formal education in the subject if their interest is peaked, or may be formally educated in conjunction with self-education.


Public Library in FennimoreThe main benefit from self-education is the that the learning never stops. You can also delve deeper in to a subject matter and learn more, which makes the possibilities for learning endless. Another benefit to self-learning is the cost-effective nature of it. Public libraries, internet access and first-hand accounts from others are all inexpensive ways to obtain knowledge. Self-education also lets you learn at your own pace, relieving any stress that may come from being graded on a certain date. All people to some degree are self-learners that self-educate, based on personal interests and goals.


Young man studying in libraryThe criticism about self-education is that there really is no way to ensure that the information you are acquiring and teaching yourself is accurate, up-to-date or biased. Self-education is also not recognized by many employers who may want to see some sort of formal academic training. Self-education can also created opinions that are not truly justified because the person who is teaching themself has no real debate on the flip side of any topics by peers or professors. It can also be very difficult to measure those who are self-taught in knowledge and skill.

Key Points

Self-education is something that everyone partakes in, just at varying degrees and on varying topics. Self-education is what helps to keep the world going around, with some people choosing to study mechanics and others nursing. Personal interests are what primarily guide people to join clubs, sports teams, and even school majors. Self-education is either used in conjunction with formal learning or prior to formal education in a subject, otherwise it is not accredited in most professions.