Benefits Of College

Benefits Of College

Pursuing a college education is intrinsically valuable, meaning it is a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself. As a college graduate, the lessons learned throughout the course of a student’s education will benefit them beyond the scope of their curricular activities. A post-secondary education is not a static achievement; it is a dynamic and ongoing development of a person’s mental faculties which greatly impact many pillars that support their life as a free and productive member of society. A college education not only opens doors to potential job opportunities, but forges the professional character of an individual so to fulfill their obligation as a valued and productive member of society.

200432737-001Personal Growth

One of the many benefits of college is the opportunity to network and meet new people. Typically people who choose to go to college will likely share similar interests and goals as those who have also made the made the same decision. This feature relating to the types of people who attend college has a real impact on their development as working members of society. A person’s interests that likely drove them to attend college in the first place are fostered within a network of likeminded individuals. Seeing as each and every individual is unique, there are a plethora of different viewpoints and perspectives encompassing this range of interest. This powerful and highly social aspect of college encourages the free exchange of ideas; it permits and encourages dialogue. When a dialogue is established learning begins. For when the individual is tasked with reasoning through other viewpoints and perspectives they may not have previously considered (or acknowledged), they are provided the opportunity to engage with those perspectives within the framework of their own viewpoint. As a result, the personal growth of each individual attending is stimulated within this environment; the mind becomes active. One is then able to concretely establish and re-formulate their own world views according to the dialogues they have participated in while completing their education, and thereafter. Herein lies the intrinsic value of obtaining a college degree.

Benefits Of College1Increase Earning

Beyond the philosophical merits relating to personal growth in attending college, a college graduate is also poised to grow their earnings substantially in relation to other members of their peer group who pursued alternative avenues for being productive members of society. According to statistics, over a lifetime a college graduate earns up to a quarter of a million more dollars than a person who decided on another route. This statistic alone makes obtaining a degree all the more appealing within our capitalist driven society. Moreover, beyond the potential to make more money, on average there is an increase in employment opportunities; college grads have more options. Thus, an individual who completes a college degree has more avenues to choose from by which to live a productive and potentially successful life. It is for these reasons that college graduates benefit heavily from their decision to attend scholarly institutions. While not only making more, a college graduate can find a niche by which to truly excel at something that interests them and will benefit society as a whole.

On a resume a college degree first indicates that someone has the determination and competency to finish a difficult task. More than just comprehending information, it means that an individual is organized, analytical, and can assimilate into a professional environment while achieving success. Furthermore, the academic skills learned in college produce graduates who think critically about the world around them. They can grasp abstract concepts, view them in different perspectives, and formulate them in ways that deliver results which bear on the efficacy of their professional fields, and society at large.


In conclusion, the benefits of going to college extend well beyond the quality parchment the endeavor is printed on. If college crafts people into well-informed, critical thinking members of society, and society functions off of the productive efforts of the people, then obtaining a college degree logically implies an individual has been made into a better suited person for our society; fit to make a real impact in the lives of others through the decision to enhance their own life.