Staying Organized

Staying Organized

Being successful in achieving your academic goals depends on how organized you are. Some people may swear that saving things to the last minute is the way to go, but to avoid unnecessary stress and ensure that you are doing your best work requires time, planning and most importantly organization.

Get Your Supplies

There are many different supplies needed as a college student. The most important would be a quality computer or laptop. More and more educational tools are being put on-line including class notes, participation forums and even textbooks. You will also want to have a solid backpack that will make toting either your books, laptop or papers easily from class to class. You will also want to purchase some sort of scheduler, or you can check your phone for an application that allows you to program your schedule into. You can write down class locations, assignment dates, work schedules and other important dates and information. Color coated markers, highlighters and cue cards are also ways to stay organized.

Program Reminders

Home workplace with computer, close upTechnology has become a great friend to students because they can centralize their schedules onto one device that will actively remind them of when things are due. You can use your email’s calender, your cellphone calender or download an application to your smartphone. Take a few minutes a day to program when your school assignments are due, your work schedule, social commitments and any other important dates. Set a reminder (start the reminder earlier, and to remind you more often if you tend to procrastinate) that goes off a week or a few days before these dates and events. By programming reminders you will have one less thing to remember and stress about.


Teenage Girl Doing HomeworkThis is an old piece of advice, but it sticks around because it works ‘Review’. It doesn’t matter if it is quickly glancing over your notes after a lecture or double checking your work schedule, make sure to review it. Sometimes with the business of every day life it can be easy to make a mistake or incorrectly write something down. By taking an extra few minutes to check over things you can make sure that you are understand what you have written down. This can help to prevent the need for cramming right before an exam, writing down the wrong dates for assignments and can help to remind you of ¬†what’s on your schedule.

Key Points

Staying organized while at college requires a little bit of time each day, but it can go far in saving stress and pressure in the future. Form good habits from the start so that you can begin the school year off right.