Managing Your Schedule

Managing Your Schedule

Being away at college may be the first time that you have to juggle multiple commitments on your own making it an overwhelming and exciting time. Some of these commitments may include academic, sports, work, social life and more. This may also be the first time that you are reliant on public transit or walking to get around, giving you less time for leisure. There are many positive ways that you can manage your schedule so that you can feel in charge of your time and life.

Utilize Your Down-time

It can be really easy to plunk down on the couch after a couple hours of class, or to play video games after work, but utilizing even just a fraction of your down-time for tasks and chores can go a long way. It is important to still have down-time, but you need to ‘earn’ it and have it as a reward. An example of this could be you get home from class and you toss your bag on the couch, grab some food and surf on-line for a few hours. Meanwhile your dishes and laundry are piling up. Instead of immediately going for the leisure activity (no matter how tempting), spend 15 minutes starting a load of laundry or washing the dishes. Then when you are finished you can go surf on-line, without feeling guilty or stressed that other things are piling up.

Know When To Say No

Columbia UniversityWhen you first start the school year it can be tempting to be a ‘yes’ man or woman. You may want to get fully immersed in life as a college student, but you have to stay grounded as well. You can’t say yes to everything and still expect to maintain good grades, or get enough sleep to take care of yourself. Taking on too much too fast can create stress, poor grades and even poor health if your spread yourself to thin. You need to take the time to get used to your new surroundings and classmates before trying to take on a part-time job or offering to tutor. If you can try to wait on getting a part-time job, or start with fewer hours for the first few weeks of school so that you ┬ácan get a better idea of what your academic workload will be like. If you do find that your grades are starting to suffer or that you are really struggling to keep up be honest with your boss and see if they can reduce or change your hours. If you find that you are too committed with sports or clubs, you may have to reconsider which ones you are a part of. Remember that your academics must come first.

Key Points

A woman arriving at collegeThe main thing to keep in mind when it comes to managing your schedule is that you should build to it. You don’t need to have a full schedule right away when you attend college because before you know it your planner will be full. Another thing to remember is that you are in charge of your time. If you find that something isn’t working for you, take the time to figure out what it is, and try to modify or edit your schedule.