Online Accreditation

Online Accreditation

An online accreditation is an online degree that the student has obtained by completing the entire program using the internet. This is a good alternative for individuals who are unable to attend traditional campus classes due to either time or monetary constraints. Most of the online degrees available are for college courses. It is rare to find an online high school diploma program.

Quality of Learning

One of the greatest advantages of online degrees is that it offers individuals the opportunity to earn a degree when they might not have the chance to otherwise. Older individuals may be reluctant to pursue higher education because of their lack of time or unwillingness to sit in lecture halls all week. However, online degrees will give them the opportunity to pursue their goals and expand their knowledge without having to make major sacrifices in their lives.


There is no consensus in terms of how online degrees are perceived in the professional world. Although some employers feel that in class learning is necessary, others might feel that a student who has completed a degree online displays a certain level of motivation and strong work ethics.
In most cases, the student’s diploma and transcript will be identical to that of a student who attended the same university. This is due to the fact that the instructions, lessons and marking schemes will be identical. The only obvious difference is that one was completed on campus while the other one was completed over the internet.

One often cited disadvantage of online learning is that there is limited interaction with the course instructor. This can create problems for students who are facing difficulty with the learning material.

Online Accreditation1Trends

Many traditional colleges and universities are beginning to offer online courses and online degrees. A recent study also shows that the majority of online degrees were offered through public learning institutions rather than private learning institutions.

Due to the many benefits of online accreditation, there have been steady increases in the number of students enrolling in online courses. In fact, recent surveys have shown that the enrollment growth rate for online courses has grown faster than the enrollment growth rate for regular programs. A large portion of the growth rate is concentrated in larger educational institutions that already offer online courses, rather than smaller institutions creating online programs. However, the growth in online degrees comes primarily from private institutions that earn a profit. In fact, the University of Phoenix is the most popular institution when it comes to online accreditation.

Community colleges have seen a spike in the rate of students applying for online courses to work towards an online degree. It is believed that a good number of these applicants are older individuals who are unable to attend lectures on campus due to various constraints and commitments.
It is believed that the increase in online programs offered exists to meet the growing demand by students.

Key Points

Online degrees are a time and cost effective way to obtain higher education. Because they do not require attendance at on campus lectures, it is an attractive option for individuals who work full time. Enrollment in online degree programs has grown at a faster rate than enrollment in traditional programs.