Living Independently

Living independently for the first time to go away for college is exciting. Finally you wont have a curfew and will be surrounded by people your own age. We will discuss life away from home including the advantages of dorm life and living off campus. We will also teach you how to be responsible when it comes to your finances including budgeting and securing a part-time job.

Keeping Up On Cleaning

While you are away at school you may think it is time for you to finally be free of the chores that you parents made you do. You may...

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Part-Time Jobs

The college life, if you want to be highly successful at it, is often based on good time management. Thus, time is of the essence....

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Quite often the terms student and budget are considered synonymous. However, students themselves often find it difficult to actually...

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Living Off-Campus

When you are ready to go off to college one of the big questions that you’ll have to ask yourself is, “Am I going to live on campus...

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Advantages Of Dorm Life

Dorm life has gotten a bad reputation in the past few years. More and more new students have been moving to choosing private...

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Life Away From Home

So, as most people your age nowadays, you have decided to go to college. You’ve probably (and hopefully) applied to more than one...

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