Advantages Of Dorm Life

Advantages Of Dorm Life

Dorm life has gotten a bad reputation in the past few years. More and more new students have been moving to choosing private apartments over dormitories. These apartments usually end up costing more and offering quite a bit less than a dorm would. There’s no way you’ll find a private apartment that is closer to your school than a dorm. The dorm is on the campus! Safety is something else a private apartment will not offer. At least, not the one you’ll likely be able to afford going to school full time. The experience you’ll get from living in a dorm will not compare with living in a private apartment. Generally, the overall convenience of living in a dorm will far out-do anything a private residence will have to offer.


One of the nicest things about living in a dormitory is it’s proximity to campus. There’s nothing like opening your door and only having to walk 5 minutes to your first class. It means you can wake up later, which means you can go to sleep a lot later. This can also be helpful if you were to forget something at home. Instead of having to drive halfway across town to get that paper that’s due, it’s just a quick jaunt back to the dorm.

Another nice thing about living in a dorm is the safety aspect. With the money you are spending on your dorm room you would never get the same amount of security at any apartment. At a dorm you have (most likely) an electronic FOB to let you into the building and a key for getting into your room. Also, there are RAs on premise during the night, patrolling the building to make sure all is well. Most colleges also have emergency phones located all over the place, in case you run into any trouble.

Advantages Of Dorm Life1Experience

One of the biggest pros of living in a dormitory are there entertainment centers. Most dorms have their own game rooms and television spaces. Most reasonably priced apartments will not. Getting tired of working on that paper? Why not head down to the games room and have a round of ping pong with your room mate? Maybe you can use the entertainment centers to socialize and make some new friends.

Speaking of meeting new people, dorm life can be a great way of doing so. You’ll be placed in a building with a hundred other people whom you may not normally socialize with. Now is your time to try new things and meet new people. Why not set up some group outings to meet your new roommates? Go on and head on down to the taco place. How about sitting down with each other and keeping up with your favorite shows?

Finally, dorm life only happens for four years. You only get one chance to experience it. Think of all the colorful and eclectic people you could meet and maybe even become friends with. It’s an unique experience in that, yes, you have left home, but there are still a lot of comforts that you will not get when you move into an apartment (i.e. cleaning services, no bills, or monthly rent).

Advantages Of Dorm Life2Convenience

One of the big selling points of living in a dorm for many is the cleaning service. At the dorm you will have a cleaning crew who will come in and vacuum your floors and change your toilet paper while you focus on your studies.

When comparing living in a dorm with living in a private apartment, there are very few bills to pay, if any. There may be a phone or cable bill, but some students may have parents that have decided to take care of that. Freedom from bills is a luxury that you should allot yourself for four more years.

The furniture situation is also a pro when coming to dorm living. It’s there when you arrive and it’s there when you leave. You don’t have to buy anything and have to move it in and you don’t have to get rid of it after you’re done and move it out. Also, the furniture is half decent and will be replaced at no cost if something happens to it.

Key Points

So, when choosing between a dorm and a private apartment some of the key points to remember are: proximity, safety, entertainment centers, meeting people, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, cleaning services, no bills and no furniture moving. These points are all pros on the side of living in a dormitory while at college.