Keeping Up On Cleaning

Keeping Up On Cleaning

While you are away at school you may think it is time for you to finally be free of the chores that you parents made you do. You may be in for a rude awakening when you realize that your parent’s actually did a lot of cleaning and house chores that now fall on your shoulders. It may be your first time living on your own, or you may be sharing a dorm or apartment with other room-mates.

Set A Schedule

The best way that you can limit the amount of time that cleaning takes you, or the amount of mess that piles up, is to create a routine as to when you will clean. Before you create that schedule you need to also train yourself to pick up after yourself immediately. This will limit the amount of clutter, disarray and potential room-mate conflicts. An example would be if you have your dinner, don’t just leave the dishes wherever, but bring them to the sink and wash them. Another example is if you are getting undressed put your dirty laundry immediately into the hamper, rather than throwing your clothes on the floor. If you have a house with room-mates, or share a room with someone, make sure to have some sort of conversation about the chores to be done. You could also set up a task list or calender and keep it on the fridge, so everyone is aware of who’s turn it is and what needs to be done. This will prevent any arguments or communication problems from occurring because you will have an understanding of who and when is responsible for what task.

Have Your Supplies Ready

Man loading the washing machineIn order to get your living space and clothes clean you will want to have the right cleaning supplies on hand. You will need to purchase cleaning agents including laundry detergent, dish soap, dusting spray and all purpose spray.  You will also need some sort of broom or vacuum. It is also a good idea to have a bucket and mop for any spills. Keep paper towel, rags and sponges handy so that you will everything you need to clean. You can decide to pool in money for cleaning supplies with your room-mates, or may decide to have your own products.

Key Points

view of a messy roomThe main thing to focus on to keep your living space clean and organized is to spend a bit of time each day so that it does not become overwhelming. Make a schedule so that you will know what your responsibilities are for that week and have your supplies ready to go. Also make sure to speak with your room-mates so that you will all be on the same page when it comes to cleaning.