Life Away From Home

Life Away From Home

So, as most people your age nowadays, you have decided to go to college. You’ve probably (and hopefully) applied to more than one school and most of these choices are probably not located in your hometown. You may have some mixed emotions when thinking about this next big step in your life. You may feel excited, anxious and scared. Maybe all at the same time. Don’t worry. This is completely natural. This article will look at some of the main areas that new students have issues with when starting their post-secondary lives.

Life Away From Home1Make New Friends

Going to college may mean having to leave your hometown. This can mean moving away from the friends you have made during your time at high school. Don’t let this become an issue. It is important that you try and make new friends while you begin your journey at your new post-secondary institution. If you live in a dormitory, try making plans with some of the people on your floor. Walk with classmates from class to class. Put yourself out into social situations (i.e. parties and events). Join clubs where you can meet others with similar interests as yours.

Eat Properly

Once you move away from home it is easy to neglect your diet. It’s important that you keep eating your fruits and vegetables. A person can’t live off of perogies and pasta (macaroni and cheese) forever. It can be quite common for new students to put on weight or to become sick due to their dietary habits. If this is your first time living on your own and therefore cooking for yourself, you can go online and familiarize yourself with the food pyramid and some quick and easy recipes. Eating well doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Fruits and vegetables are actually quite cheap. If you live in a big city, try to find some vegetable stands, instead of going into the big chain supermarket. This will help you to save some extra money and make sure you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Visit Home

So, you’re feeling a bit homesick, are you? There’s nothing wrong with missing your home and there’s definitely nothing wrong with going home from time-to-time to visit your family. Leaving home is a big part of growing up and becoming an adult. Make sure that you are not going home every weekend though. This can become an unhealthy form of escapism. It’s important that you gain your independence and leaving home is one of the first steps in doing so. If you think that this will be a problem, maybe you should consider going to a college farther away from home, so you cannot afford to go home as much as if you lived closer to your hometown. Then, there’s still email, texts, and phone calls.

Life Away From Home2Key Points

So, to recap, some of the key areas in which new students may have trouble with when leaving home are: making new friends, eating properly and wanting to visit home. We discussed that making new friends can seem like an arduous task when you have lost all of your old ones to your new city. But it’s important to get out there and make some new ones. You can do this by joining clubs at your college, walking to class with classmates, and going out to social gatherings with people from your dorm. Eating properly can be tough, especially considering how busy you’ll be with your homework. It’s important to eat your vegetables. As we discussed, leaving home can be difficult. Try to remember that this is an important part of your development as a human being. Stay strong and try to find something to do with yourself on the weekends.