Living Off-Campus

Living Off-Campus

When you are ready to go off to college one of the big questions that you’ll have to ask yourself is, “Am I going to live on campus or off?” Before you make up your mind you should first weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. This article looks at the pros and cons of living off campus.


There are many advantages to living off campus. First of all, unlike living in a dormitory, you can choose who you live with. You and your friends can live together which may help to quell some of your home sickness. If you don’t think living with friends is a good idea, or with anyone, for that matter, you can live by yourself. This is also something that is difficult to do when living in a dorm. There’s nothing like having your own space to think your thoughts and really get down to some serious studying.

Living Off Campus1Now, although you are living off campus and so will most likely not be able to be as close to your classes than if you were in a dorm, you can still manage to find a place that is reasonably close so that you will not have to travel far. Preferably, you will find a place near a bus or subway stop (depending on which city you’re in).

Many apartments can be fairly cheap, if you look hard enough. A lot of the time college towns will have private renters who depend on students when school comes around to rent. They will generally charge fairly reasonable rent in hopes that students will take up their offer.


For as many advantages to living off campus, there are disadvantages. The first one that comes to mind is the noise factor. Living off campus there are no RAs walking around to make sure the noise is kept at a respectable level. Being able to concentrate while you are working on that mid-term paper can get quite difficult if you are surrounded with a barrage of different noises. Despite the fraternities of noise makers, dorm living can be quite quite and peaceful.

Another disadvantage to living off campus is the condition of the apartment you’ll be able to afford will be in. Most student affordable housing in the private market can be quite dirty. Make sure you check out the apartment you are going to rent before you agree to anything. It doesn’t matter if the apartment is recommended by a friend – check for yourself. You don’t want to sign a contract to a place and find out that it has issues that you cannot get past.

Living Off Campus3We touched on distance earlier as a positive, but it can also be a negative; that is, if you are living far away from your school. If you do choose a place that is a great distance from your school, make sure that there is a bus or something that can get you to class in a reasonable amount of time. If the public transportation doesn’t run in your area or is unreliable you may need to reconsider where it is you are going to live.

Now, one of the biggest disadvantages of living off campus is the cost. Let’s be honest, being a full time student who has just come directly from high school, you’re not going to have a lot of money to spend on rent. And, put on top of this the fact that you are also going to have to pay for utilities and other bills. Living in a private apartment can soon add up. Consider other costs of living in a private apartment: paying for food and groceries as there is no meal plan, cleaning the apartment (purchasing supplies, a vaccuum etc) and transportation if you’re not within walking distance of the school.

Key Points

Here are some of the key points in this article about living off-campus. They are divided into advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include: being able to live with your friends, being able to live by yourself, living close to campus and cost-effectiveness. Disadvantages included: the noise factor of living off campus, the dirtiness of living in a private apartment, the distance from campus and how expensive it is.