Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs

The college life, if you want to be highly successful at it, is often based on good time management. Thus, time is of the essence. However, having enough money to achieve a good college experience is equally as essential. Thus, because sometimes money can be scarce while in college, a part-time job can be an excellent way not only to earn the money you need to get by, but also to make sure you have enough time to concentrate on your school work and social activities. One the best places to gain part-time work is right on your very own campus. Not only can on-campus jobs cut down on time and money spent otherwise getting to and from off-campus jobs, but as a student you will be given immediate consideration for on-campus work over any other applicant.

Teaching Assistant

Employment as a teaching assistant at your college can be a great way to make extra cash. A teaching assistant is just that – you assist a teacher, or rather a professor, in the daily activities of a course. A teaching assistant’s duties typically include attending the class to proctor exams or mid-terms, disseminating assignments, and perhaps even grading tests or papers. Usually a teaching assistant will be involved in a big first year seminar class, and often requires that you have taken the course in the past, and successfully passed it. The payment for teaching assistants usually is not salary-based, but rather is an hourly rate, or may otherwise be payment such as volunteer hours or school credit. To go about tracking down a teaching assistant position, a great way to begin is by speaking directly to the professor who is currently teaching the course you’re interested in assisting.

Part Time Jobs1Tech Support

Another great part-time job as a student is that of tech support. These jobs would be ideal for individuals who are interested in, and knowledgeable with, computers. Great places to seek out such jobs are your college’s IT (Information Technology) center. Most post-secondary institutions have a twenty-four hour IT service center catering to the computer needs of student, staff, and faculty populations. Great benefits of working at such places are that not only is the pay usually good (because of the high demand for, and time sensitive nature of, computer accessibility), but also because of the variability of flexible shifts one can work in IT, and thus during the slow periods of work, you can get lots of school work done while waiting for the next work order to arrive. To land a position in tech support at your school, visit your college’s IT support center or the student-work program at your school’s human resources office.

Part Time Jobs2Study Participant

One other way to work part-time while in college is to be a study participant in a research study at your college. For example, your school’s departments of psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. are always seeking participants for a wide range of interesting studies. Oftentimes, participants in these studies need only complete a questionnaire or take a written test. Simply visit any one of the above mentioned departments and you should find lots of research opportunities posted to the department bulletin boards for you to participate in. Furthermore, these study participant opportunities are often paid, though quite temporary. While such opportunities do not lend a steady stream of income, they are fast and easy, and often enjoyable ways to make fifteen, twenty, sometimes fifty dollars at a time. Also, working as a study participant is very safe, with strict and ethical protocols adopted for human participants. You will never be harmed (physically or psychologically). Finally, such jobs as these are very flexible, so you can often participate at your own time, and without obligation. If you ever feel uncomfortable during one of these studies, you can easily withdraw your participation, no questions asked.

Key points

Overall, there is an abundance of part-time employment opportunities to be discovered right on your own campus, without the worry of having to travel off-campus to find work, which can cost you time and money. A few other possibilities not mentioned above could be, for instance, working at your campus cafeteria, bookstore, radio station, etc. However, oftentimes part-time work can easily be found off-campus as well. If you do your research, you just may find the perfect off-campus, part-time job that suits your specific needs, such as babysitting around your campus neighborhood. The bottom line is to find the job that will provide you to make extra cash while also allowing you to maximize your time spent on academics and socializing.