School-Life Balance

School-Life Balance

The workload of University can be overwhelming, especially when you are having to juggle not only school work, but possibly a part-time job, social commitments, staying on top of laundry, personal hygiene, groceries, cleaning and extracurricular activities. Many students take a look at their corse schedules and see that there really isn’t a lot of class time, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of homework, research and studying to do. Many students may feel as though University is a breeze with less class hours and more free time, but that is because University is much more of a self-directed way to study and manage one’s academic schedule and responsibilities. Without having one’s exam dates, academic paper due dates and any other school-related activities set out on a calendar these obligations can be overwhelming, with student’s either missing crucial assignments, suffering through many sleepless nights, rushing to finish assignments and stress. During this time, other responsibilities might suffer including self care, with proper sleep, nutrition, hygiene and more taking a back burner to studies. To prevent feeling all consumed by academics, it is important to establish a school-life balance.

Make A Schedule

Woman using laptop for taking notes to studyDuring the first or second week of school, most students will receive a syllabus which details when major assignments are due and when examinations take place. Once you have all of your corse syllabuses you should lay them out and write down all of the important dates on a whiteboard or scheduler. A large whiteboard is best because you can reuse it and it is in a big enough to be visible, making it a constant reminder.  Consider using a different color marker for each subject to stay organized, or write all of your academic commitments in one color, and your social, work and other commitments in other colors. You can also use your email calender, day-timer or the calender on your cell phone to fill in important academic dates, work schedules, social commitments and more. You can also create alerts and alarms so that you will not forget a thing.

Take A Time Out

Young Student Overwhelmed Dont DisturbAlthough your main priority while you are at school should be school, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect caring for the other aspects in your life. Make sure to take study breaks, whether it is just to go outside and get some fresh air or go for a coffee with a friend. Sometimes even just getting up for a quick nap or to do the dishes can help you come back to your academic studies refreshed and recharged. Also make sure to have a social life, the academic part of school can be all encompassing, but make sure to get out there and meet your classmates and peers.

Create A Routine

Routine can be the key to success when it comes to making your life have a good and fair balance while in school. Although your time may be more heavily weighed towards academics, you will still be able to fit important other aspects of your life by creating and following routine. Make sure that you try to get the adequete amount of sleep by going to bed at a decent time and by not sleeping in. Eat properly with well balanced meals and snacks to keep your energized. Set aside a few hours a week on a specific day to tend to your household chores whether it be laundry, cleaning or dishes. Set aside a couple nights a week to put down the books and have good time, meeting with friends, playing sports or going to the movies. Exercise shouldn’t be overlooked either, as it can help you to feel good and stay healthy.

Key Points

Keep your focus on your studies, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. School is a fun and rewarding time, when you can study what you are interested, play on a school sport team and meet lifelong friends.